Why Choose Infor?

Working extensively within the Infor market, I speak constantly with clients and candidates who know Infor ERP systems like the back of their hands. I’ve seen clients choose it as their first ERP and migrate across to it when other systems didn’t meet their standards. So why choose Infor?

Infor’s ‘ERP Simplified’ Philosophy

An ERP is never a simple thing to start using, but to get the most value from money from your investment, they need to become a natural part of working life in your company. And that happens much faster when it’s easy to use.

Having operated for years under the slogan ‘ERP Simplified’, Infor understands this better than any other supplier. Everything about Infor is designed to make processes as simple as possible in the front end. For example, Infor’s modular systems are designed to exclude settings and windows your business doesn’t need meaning navigation is easy. Infor have a developed a system that has understood a newcomer’s approach and what they’ll need to do to get started.

The result is that across your business, once Infor has been implemented, your team will find it as easy as possible to integrate Infor into working processes. When the benefits of Infor start to kick in, you’ll see your teams’ buy-in grow and grow – because the results they’re looking for will be right there.

Growing With You

Infor is also designed to do something very well that businesses first adopting ERPs really, really need; it’s designed to scale smoothly.

If you’re researching Infor as an SME, you’ve decided to adopt an ERP system because you’ve outgrown (or you’re about to outgrow) more basic methods of tracking, updating, and maintaining all the records a business needs. You’re at the point where growing any larger isn’t a question of devoting more time or manpower to these systems; instead a completely new solution needs to be found.

That should mean that your thoughts have already turned to what you’ll do as you continue to grow. Any new systems you bring in, unless they’re only going to be used for the duration of one project, should be designed to scale for at least the next phase of your business plan.

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