Why NetSuite?

When looking for the correct ERP for your business, there are multiple different options everywhere you look. While there are a lot of options to consider, I believe the past year has shown the importance of selecting a cloud-based ERP, Oracle NetSuite in particular.

When you break it down further, NetSuite stands out amongst the crowd for several reasons, primarily because it’s simple, clever, and integrated.

NetSuite is Simple

NetSuite has worked on making all its implementations faster, and are less expensive in some cases than the other business applications. The different modules and the option to easily customise means the systems can be moulded to suit the company's needs and requirements.

NetSuite is Clever

Most data can be held in one standalone database, which will give access to the key performance data on a customised and real-time dashboard. It assists with a speedy decision-making process.

NetSuite is integrated

It’s a single and powerful application. It also combines the complete customer-facing CRM and an e-commerce capability with back-office Accounting. This overall will allow the companies to bring together all data and automate all the end-to-end processes. 


NetSuite has an array of benefits, with the points above just naming a few. If you are considering a new ERP system, or if you are a NetSuite Specialist in any of these areas, please do get in touch. ​

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