What is Workday Used For in HR?

​In the HRIS market, there are some brands that stand out from the crowd. Offering reliability and flexibility in one package, Workday is one of those – but what is it used for in HR?

Putting Workday to Use in HR

More fully known as Workday HCM, it’s a Human Capital Management system, designed from day one to provide a unified suite of applications across the back office needs of your business. These applications all work from the same core data, eliminating one of the most common causes of inaccurate information in the business.

Working in HR you’ll use Workday to organise, staff, and pay your workforce across every business location, domestic and even worldwide. You can set up and manage benefits plans which will then be maintained as part of BAU (business as usual).

With Workday’s talent management and workforce planning systems, it’s easy to identify your best workers, monitor development, and build career plans to keep top talent happy.

Benefits of Workday

With the same system covering payroll, HR, talent records, financials and more, Workday is designed to make all of this easy – and there’s little to no need for additional software in this field. Workday is also cloud-based, so you don’t face the expense of maintaining a server of your own. These budget savings can be invested instead in an experienced team of Workday specialists.

Given a solid Workday team to maintain the system, manage upgrades, and help customise and configure the product to your company’s own requirements, it’s one of the best software solutions out there.

How do you put that team together? The specialist skills required mean the competition for Workday experts is fierce, but our specialists are deeply embedded in the field. We’ll happily discuss your requirements and we’ll even help you develop the job role before going public if you need additional insights. Once we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and a good sense of your company culture, we’ll match your role with the perfect candidate – and we know you’ll be happy with the results. Drop us a line today and we’ll help you get started.