Why Epicor Consultants Are Going Remote

Alongside the many good arguments in favour of having your consultants present in the workplace while they work on major projects, there are also a number of arguments in effective opposition. Many Epicor consultants seek remote work over and above other opportunities now. Why is this?

Epicor Consultants Look for Remote Work

The pandemic created a lot of questions about remote work for many workers, especially in the tech industry. However, consultants were already often interested in the idea, and many had worked remotely at least once before.

Businesses allowing consultants remote opportunities benefit because they can hire consultants from anywhere, selecting the best candidates available.

Consultants appreciate these opportunities as they reduce the costs in both time and money involved with the placement, usually without a reduction in pay. For this reason, many consultants would rather take a remote position, even if it pays slightly less.

As a business looking to implement or upgrade an Epicor system, it’s important to consider the effects of a decision like this. There are definite benefits to having your consultant on site, especially in terms of absorbing their knowledge into your business. It’s far from uncommon for informal conversations that would never have happened if the people involved weren’t in the same place to provide more genuine insight than formalised teaching can provide.

That shouldn’t put you off Epicor consultants going remote, however, just so long as you know what you might be missing. You should also understand the benefits you gain – especially if you need a qualified candidate fast; sometimes it’s not as simple as it seems to find a candidate who’s either local or willing to relocate.

What’s most appropriate for the role you need to fill will vary across a great many factors. We would recommend that if you’re not sure how to make this work you talk with our Epicor team. They’ll be happy to help review your requirements and suggest whether onsite or remote positions will work better for you.

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