Recruiting Epicor Functional Consultants

When you’ve decided to implement an Epicor system for your business, the next decisions to make all relate to the personnel you’ll be bringing in to handle the process, educate your staff in the system’s use, and the like. Key to this process is recruiting Epicor functional consultants.

What is an Epicor Functional Consultant?

Within the ERP world, broadly speaking, there are two types of consultant, functional and technical. Technical consultants work directly with your Epicor system and any other software it may need to integrate with. They’re responsible for installation, configuration, troubleshooting and even maintenance in the system itself.

A functional consultant’s role may be harder to guess, but it can be even more important. Most businesses who make a success of their Epicor implementation bring in a functional consultant as part of the initial planning phase. Functional consultants, as the name suggests, look at the functionality of the system with your workflow.

They’ll help you to scope the project and specify what you need from configuration. Should the system work this way or that? How should it integrate with this other software?

What do you need to know? That’s essentially what you bring in a functional consultant to find out.

Recruiting an Epicor functional consultant is something to take seriously. Their decisions will take your implementation to greater heights, if followed.

As such it’s important to select from the best, most appropriate candidates for the role. You will obviously want your consultant to be fluent in Epicor, but they should also ideally have familiarity with all the other major software systems you’re using, including ones you propose to replace through Epicor. (After all, the existing state of those systems must be taken into account.)

To get access to the best candidates, talk to our recruitment consultants who’ll happily engage with your job role, take note of your work culture, and even help highlight anything else you might need. With a clear picture of what needs to be done, we’ll be able to compile a shortlist of pre-qualified candidates for your Epicor functional consultant role.

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