Hiring An ERP Developer

Working under an ERP manager as part of a team or taking lead on the technical side of an ERP implementation, ERP developers are in high demand – and as more and more businesses come to understand the benefits of these systems, that demand is only likely to increase. So how do you find the right one for your project, and what do you need to offer to hire them?

Finding Your ERP Developer

Step one is to work up a profile for the role or roles you want to fill. (And sometimes, yes, it may be this step that shows you you’re actually going to need more than one developer in place!)

The Job Profile

The first step, obviously, is familiarity with your ERP system of choice. You will occasionally encounter ERP developers who are familiar with more than one platform, but they tend to take only highly specialised contracts making use of both skillsets – usually complex migrations from one to the other – and command higher prices for doing so.

For the most part, you don’t need a developer to know more than one system. Some familiarity with the other software your business uses is beneficial, though – especially if integrating the two isn’t a simple job.

(The likelihood is that you found out the answer to these questions while choosing your ERP platform. If not, your implementation partner or a functional consultant will be able to help you.)

Do you want your developer to work remotely or on-site? This has become a more important question since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21, but remains important in the aftermath.

There are obvious benefits to having your developer physically on site during their work on the project, but this can rule out some talented candidates who prefer working remotely, who couldn’t make the commute, or who would exceed the budget once the commute was factored into their expenses.

Do you have any more unusual requirements? For example, will the developer need to be bilingual?

These job profiles are vital to advertise the role, but they’ll also form a checklist against which you can qualify them.

The Hiring Process

You can post adverts yourself on various job boards loved by the tech industry. You can appeal through LinkedIn. And you might ask your staff if they know anyone they can refer across to you.

Ultimately, though, these steps are unlikely to be successful on their own. While there are a growing number of ERP developers in the field, they are still a rarity in the tech world. And with the high demand the field is known for, at any given time the vast majority of developers are already on contract or enjoying a permanent role.

That’s why we place so much emphasis on the networks we’ve built and the experience of our team.

We know the candidates, we know the market, and we know what they’re looking for. What we don’t know is your business – but when we work with you and review your job profile, we’ll be able to build a candidate list against that.

We then pre-qualify these candidates against your job profile and against the cultural values of your business. This means you can be confident that any candidate we put forward meets your standards and will fit in well with the way you work.

At that point, it’s as simple as interviewing the candidates, making your judgement, and deciding on your offer!

To get the process started just contact us today.

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