The Role Of An ERP Administrator

For businesses just implementing an ERP for the first time, there’s always a little uncertainty. How will it affect workflows? What might need to change? Will we benefit enough from this system to make it worthwhile? One of the best ways to make sure you benefit fully is to bring in a well-trained, experienced ERP administrator.

Why Do You Need an ERP Administrator?

An ERP administrator takes overall responsibility for and ownership of the ERP implementation. If there are developersconsultantsengineers or programmers working on the system, the administrator will work with them or direct them.

However, they’re also responsible for a number of other aspects of the ERP’s management and implementation:

·They should understand enough about business processes to be able to best match ERP workflow to the company’s established systems

·They should have enough technical literacy to understand and anticipate any issues with the ERP and how it relates to other systems

·They should have enough ‘business literacy’ to interact with and report to key stakeholders without the jargon

·They should be able to produce clear and useful documentation for processes and technical specifications so other team members working with the system can follow what’s needed

·They should be careful to keep up with the latest developments both in your ERP of choice and any related systems, so that updates can be carried out efficiently and painlessly

The role of your ERP administrator is to handle all the issues that tend to be stumbling blocks for a business adding a new and complex system, and to provide overall ownership and support for maintenance and continued use going forwards.

Candidates should therefore be experienced with both yourchosen systemand with any other key software which integrates with it.

You’ll want to test their ability to communicate key details and understand briefs from other stakeholders, and you should be looking for engaged, enthusiastic candidates who understand and welcome the pressure of project ownership.

Finding candidates who fit these criteria can be a challenge – demand is higher than supply – so it can help to have support on your side. Reach out to us and our teach of experts will work with you to identify a pre-qualified candidate shortlist that suits your specific requirements.

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