Landing A Job As An ERP Programmer

There’s heavy competition for any ERP programmer or developer role at the moment – and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Very few of these roles are permanent positions, so even as more businesses adopt ERP systems, the market doesn’t grow as fast. At the same time, more and more developers are picking up these skills as part of their professional development.

This might seem like it will inevitably flood the market before too long. What it actually means is that you’ll need some way to make your application stand out.

Matching Your ERP Programmer Application to the Decision Maker’s Spec

There are plenty of guides out there which look at tailoring your CV and covering letter, but you should be starting earlier than that.

The big key to any application is to make sure that you look like what the decision maker wants. The big key to the following interviews is to make sure you look like what the decision makerneeds. And no, those aren’t always the same, nor are they always the same as the job spec describes.

To get ahead of your competition, don’t just look at the job spec; do your research on the company via sites like Glassdoor.

Most feedback on a business in Glassdoor is fairly basic, but some people will always go into details. You may be able to guess or actually see confirmed what other software the company is working with.

Taking a closer look at these will give you a sense of what else might be involved in the role. The application will give you the ERP system itself, but as an ERP programmer, you’ll want to be able to show familiarity with the systems that might need to be integrated.

By doing your research you can be sure to highlight any relevant familiarities for the CV review – including software that may not be mentioned on the official job spec.

Another way to make sure you have all the data you need is to instead approach the problem of finding a job through a recruitment consultant, who will be speaking with their client company frequently and probably has a clearer, more detailed person spec than the one found in the main listing. Not only that but they’ll also be able to match you to any other opportunities that match you – perhaps even better than the first one you checked.

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