Oversight of operational planning is a keystone skill for any ERP project manager

What Does an ERP Project Manager Do?

Responsibilities of an ERP Project Manager

It’s not enough just to implement an ERP system for your business. That’s the first step, and it’s important – but to get the benefits from it, your system has to be used. And to get the most benefit from it, it has to be used to the fullest extent possible. And that’s where an ERP project manager becomes important.

Responsibilities of an ERP Project Manager

Project managers are there to provide oversight, keep projects on the rails, and ensure everything runs smoothly. This requires a mindset which goes over the little details without losing track of the bigger picture.

An ERP project manager:

  • Acts as an interface between management and the system, including project planning, change management, and organisational oversight to fit the system better to the company’s processes

  • Has oversight on the project as a whole, allowing proper control of project scope and of risk management

  • Provides coaching and leadership to ERP specialists and consultants working under them

  • Has oversight of the technical infrastructure necessary for the success of the project

These are extensive responsibilities and candidates for these roles must have the experience to handle them.

This includes experience with the ERP system in question, with team management, and ideally experience acting in a middle-management role, facilitating communication between team members and upper management.

We would also recommend that you look for candidates who are already familiar with the rest of your business’ software infrastructure, so that they won’t be confused by business as usual within your accounting software, your CRM, etc.

It can be difficult to find candidates who meet all of these criteria without access to specialised databases. It’s harder still to find qualified candidates who are available starting at the right time.

That’s where we come in. Our recruitment consultants have spent years making connections and building trust in their field. After discussing your requirements, we’ll assemble a shortlist of suitable candidates we can present to you for interview.

To get your ERP project manager into the role in time for your plans, and to make sure you can trust them to deliver, contact us today.