Do You Need Specialist ERP Recruitment Consultant

For most businesses preparing to use an ERP system or looking to replace staff for an existing implementation, the hiring decision makers will only have a limited familiarity with the system themselves. Many turn to specialist ERP recruitment consultants to help compensate.

What’s so important about an ERP role that makes this so common?

ERP Recruitment Consultants Understand the Market

Each ERP system effectively creates its own job market. These solutions have the potential to transform your business, but that potential needs to be properly harnessed. Each brand needs to be understood separately; it’s rare to find someone working in the ERP sector who doesn’t focus exclusively or mostly on one system.

Vetting candidates within that market requires specialist knowledge; often, even finding the right candidate and getting in touch may need market knowledge that only comes from constant networking.

A job posting will always bring in lots of applicants, but are they qualified? For niche skillsets like these, the majority of applicants aren’t. A specialist recruiter will already know most potential candidates who might suit your business; we often find after one or two calls with the client we have enough information to develop a shortlist.

The Job Role is Key in ERP Recruitment

Unqualified candidates will apply in the hope they might be considered. Niche qualified candidates often only apply when they’re absolutely certain the role is a match. Knowing your skills and experience mark you out gives you the advantage in picking exactly what you want.

It’s essential to have a job listing that’s as accurate to the role as possible – and sometimes the best way to create that job description is to take what you already have to a recruitment consultant. Using our market experience, we can help you to fine-tune your requirements into the ideal document.

A Reputation in the Market

A successful niche recruitment consultancy, working in a small market like that of ERP specialists, soon builds up a reputation. By placing the right candidate in the right role at the right price, our name becomes known – and we become the guarantee that your role is going to be of interest to the candidates we contact.

That automatically gets you the advantage over your competition when trying to attract quality talent.

If you’re looking for support in ERP recruitment contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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