What Is An ERP Solution Architect?

When your business decides that it’s grown to a size where an ERP system is needed, there’s a lot of research to be done and a lot of internal industry terms will suddenly start coming up. Understanding all of them immediately is probably not possible, but at minimum you should be familiar with the different specialist roles and what each of them do; for example, the ERP solution architect.

What Is an ERP Solution Architect?

An ERP is a powerful piece of software that is flexible in design but less flexible once implemented. In other words, the decisions that have to be made while setting up your system become parameters it works within. Ideally an ERP should be customised during implementation to conform to existing business workflows.

Sometimes that customisation is as simple as setting a value in the ERP’s back end. Sometimes it’s as complex as writing code to modify an existing API so it can connect your new ERP with an existing system that isn’t directly supported.

Actions like this are usually handled by a solution architect. Someone with the experience to be able to design a plan as well as the skills to carry it out.

Solutions architects are also key to migrations and upgrades, and will need to be strong communicators. That allows them to take directives made by lay people and decision makers and translate them into effective plans for the project.

An ERP solution architect will be deep in the middle of challenges like this throughout the project. Hiring an experienced architect can be the decision that makes your project a success.

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