What Should You Look For In An ERP Specialist

To install, migrate, or simply maintain your business’ ERP system you’re going to need an ERP specialist. But that job title can describe a wide variety of skillsets, to say nothing of different specialists being familiar withdifferent ERP systems. What kind of specialist do you need? And what questions should you ask to find out?

Qualifying Skills for ERP Specialists

Depending on their role in the process, you might look for a specialist to:

  • Analyse your business processes, consult on goals, and develop a plan to ensure your needs are supported by your ERP solution

  • Review your business infrastructure, consult on goals, and recommend or implement system upgrades ready for your new system

  • Adjust plans to fit industry regulations and/or company policies

  • Install your ERP software and oversee or implement integration with existing and new IT systems

  • Design and create user-friendly interfaces or new integrations where the software doesn’t do everything needed out of the box

  • Run diagnostics and resolve highlighted issues to fix errors and improve performance

  • Train end-users in the use of the system chosen once implemented

  • Provide technical support going forward from implementation onwards

  • Monitor developments in the field and keep an eye on upgrades for the specific ERP platform chosen, with an eye to improving performance

  • Or any combination of these

You may or may not need multiple ERP specialists. Those who specialise in installation and training tend to prefer contract positions, while ongoing technical support would benefit from a permanent team member – someone who can get to know the rest of your team, learn their strengths and limitations, and tailor their responses to the individual.

In addition, you should consider the amount of work you need done, and the deadline for completion (if any). Is this one person’s work, or will more be needed? This can be especially important with a tight deadline.

What services are you expecting to need? Which platform will you be using? And what soft skills must your specialists have?

Building up a job profile – or multiple profiles if the services of multiple specialists are required – is the next key step.

Depending on their specialisms, they may have different titles. Do you need an ERP managerA developerA consultant? Some combination of the above? Many simply call themselves ERP specialists.

This information is necessary before you can begin your search.

To find out more about successful recruitment in ERP, you can talk to us. We’ll give you our expert perspective and the benefit of our years spent building up an unmatched database of ERP professionals.

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