Do You Need An ERP Support Specialist?

Once your ERP system has been set up and configured it can be put to use, streamlining planning and data analysis from the off. Linking into or replacing other key software for your business, ERP systems are highly customisable and highly effective, which also makes them deeply complex systems. For this reason there are notable careers to be made as an ERP support specialist.

What Support Specialists Must Be Able to Do

An ERP support specialist will usually have sole responsibility for monitoring and troubleshooting of the chosen ERP system. While troubleshooting may involve using the system’s own tech support tools, diagnostics and basic fixes are something the specialist must be able to carry out for themselves.

These include any issues with the software itself, but also include issues arising from network connectivity errors, customised integration code, API feeds from other systems, and database errors.

They should also be able to handle any general questions or inquiries from the rest of the team using the software – identifying actual issues and separating them from the system simply working in a way the team member doesn’t understand.

Where the issue is not with the system, they’ll need to be able to show the team member where the misunderstanding is and how to use it.

You’d therefore expect support specialists to have:

  • Experience with your chosen ERP software
  • Basic server maintenance experience
  • Strong communication skills

Ideally they should also have some familiarity with the other software used in your business which integrates with the ERP system.

Support specialists may have extensive experience, detailed training, or both, depending on where the role falls on their career path. Unlike ERP implementation jobs they will usually be looking for a permanent role rather than a contract position.

Recruiting ERP Support Specialists

Once you have a job spec in place, you’ll find that perhaps the toughest part of recruiting these team members is in finding candidates who meet your requirements who will be able to start at the point your implementation project is complete.

This is a networking issue that’s made more difficult by the fact ERP support specialists don’t tend to check traditional job boards – the roles they’ve developed their skills to earn are too rare, and any search on traditional boards will automatically bring up dozens of inappropriate listings.

The best way to find these candidates is therefore through a recruitment consultant specialising in the area. Presenting our experts with your job role will allow us to compare it against our database of pre-qualified candidates and find some to match against your requirements. Contact us today to get the ball rolling and see what we can do for you.

What is an ERP Support Consultant?

An ERP Support Consultant is a professional who assists businesses in maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimising their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. These consultants are experts in ERP software and provide guidance to companies on how to make the most out of their ERP systems.

When a company faces issues with their ERP system, an ERP support consultant steps in to identify and resolve the problems efficiently. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, these consultants play a crucial role in ensuring that businesses can operate seamlessly with their ERP systems.

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