Why An ERP Systems Analyst

With your ERP implementation coming to a close or already in the history books, it’s time to think about ways to make the best use of your investment. There’s a great deal of information you can put to use, and one key to getting the most out of it is an ERP system analyst.

Why An ERP System Analyst?

Some businesses may want to match this position against a business analyst. The two can complement one another, with the business analyst looking at your talent pool and the system analyst tackling limitations and opportunities in your technical systems.

They should be familiar with the same ERP, of course. This role will require greater familiarity – and they will benefit from understanding other systems you have integrated with it.

However, we recommend that you look for an ERP system analyst familiar with multiple software solutions for each category. It’s often the case that someone doesn’t really know (for example) accounting software – they know Sage. Analysts too reliant on a single piece of software for each function will often struggle to provide a truly unbiased analysis.

It’s much more important that your analyst understand the pros and cons of the various options than it is that they have directly worked with any given example.

How Crucial is an ERP System Analyst?

How much this role needs to be filled depends on the size and needs of your business. Are your systems technically complex enough that there’s significant scope for optimisation? If so, you should at least consider filling the role on a contract basis for an initial review; given enough extra complications, a permanent role might be better advised for ongoing support and recommendations.

The answer to this question will also have a major role to play in how you advertise and what you need candidates to be able to do. Is it worth picking a candidate with the broadest possible range of experience? It might be – but they’ll have a high price tag.

Consider what you actually need, and feel free to reach out to us – we’ve built up plenty of experience in the field and we’ll be happy to talk through your situation and help you nail down what roles need to be filled and which would just be nice to have.

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