The Role Of An ERP Technical Consultant

A huge majority of those active in the ERP industry work or have worked as consultants. Contract roles are common across the board, and with consultant covering a great many different possibilities, two other terms have been developed; functional and ERP technical consultant.

What Does an ERP Technical Consultant Do?

Technical consultants focus on the technical aspects of the implementation or ongoing operations. When choosing what job title to advertise for, it’s very important to understand the duties they’ll be carrying out.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself what the job title would be if the role was a permanent one. Would you consider them a system analyst? If that doesn’t fit, consider the duties of an ERP engineer.

Support engineers are often described as being ‘permanent technical consultants’ due to the breadth of skills they need in their role – but do you need all of these skills? If not, would you be willing to pay extra for them, perhaps with an eye to using your technical consultant for other tasks during their contract?

When hiring an ERP technical consultant, you’ll always need them to have extensive experience with your ERP of choice, as well as any other software they may need to manage integrations with. Whether they need the coding experience of an ERP programmer varies rather more.

Some technical consultants even take on strategic roles, perhaps spending their contract developing a strategy before implementing it themselves. These consultants often have skillsets similar to ERP architects.

Using these basic roles as a guideline you should be able to create a job spec that more accurately matches what you’ll need from your technical consultant. If you have an ERP administrator on the payroll, you may wish to consult them. They’ll know exactly what the role needs to handle.

If not – or if you want a second viewpoint – you can always call us. We’ll make sure you speak to one of our experts working with your ERP system. Using their industry knowledge they’ll help create a job spec that speaks directly to the skills you need. And from there we can put together a pre-qualified shortlist of candidates who’re perfect for your situation.

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