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Working in partnership with Epicor specialists for nearly two decades.

Across the Epicor marketplace, we've consistently supplied businesses and partners with exceptional talent. Going beyond mere transactional recruitment, we function as business coordinators, building long-standing professional relationships and meaningful collaborations.

No matter if you’re looking to hire an Epicor Financial Consultant to provide specialist expertise for an ERP customisation or want an Epicor Project to head up your ERP Cloud upgrade project, we make the talent search simple.

Roles We Work...

Epicor Project Manager

An Epicor Project Manager orchestrates the implementation of Epicor enterprise software solutions within organisations. They lead cross-functional teams, define project scope, set timelines, allocate resources, and ensure seamless deployment. Their role involves strategic planning, communication, and problem-solving to deliver efficient and successful system integrations, enhancing business processes.

Epicor Developer

An Epicor Developer crafts and customises software solutions using the Epicor platform, tailoring them to a company's unique needs. They design, code, test, and maintain applications, extensions, and integrations, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. Their expertise lies in coding languages and ERP systems to enhance business operations.

Epicor Systems Analyst

An Epicor Systems Analyst evaluates business processes, identifies system needs, and designs solutions using Epicor ERP software. They analyse user requirements, configure system settings, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement and optimise ERP functionalities. Their role involves bridging the gap between technology and business to drive operational efficiency.

Epicor Technical Specialist

An Epicor Technical Specialist possesses in-depth expertise in Epicor ERP systems. They provide advanced technical support, troubleshoot complex issues, and offer tailored solutions for optimal system performance. Through their deep understanding of Epicor's architecture, they ensure seamless integration, customisation, and maintenance to meet specific business requirements effectively.

Epicor Functional Specialist

An Epicor Functional Specialist is a subject-matter expert in utilising Epicor ERP software to streamline business processes. They analyse organisational needs, configure system modules, and provide user training. By optimising system functionality and aligning it with business goals, they ensure efficient operations and help organisations maximise the benefits of Epicor solutions.

Helping Businesses Level Up

Connecting Speed Of Delivery With Quality Of Service.

Elevate your business and level up with the right expertise.

We're here to drive your projects forward. From implementing new solutions and enhancing functionalities to seamless integration, our experts work in collaboration with businesses. The successful partnerships we develop create long-lasting impact, fuelling growth and journeys of innovation, through expert connections.

The industries that we operate within are as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Electronics

And more…

Supplying both permanent and contract resources, we’re committed to connecting you to the best talent in the Epicor ERP market. 

Book in with your dedicated business manager to get started. 

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Our Expert Team

Our vendor-independent viewpoint allows us to be effective at what we do best – specialist ERP recruitment. It’s this unique vantage point that enables us to offer an impartial and balanced perspective.

Whether it be candidate, hiring manager, or stakeholder, our Epicor recruitment consultants are well-equipped to help you throughout the process. Helpful, friendly, and dynamic, our team is expert connectors.  

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