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Working in partnership with HRIS specialists for nearly two decades.

Reputable recruitment specialists in the HRIS market, we’re effective expert connectors. The way we see it, building connections centres on collaboration. That’s why, here at IT Works, we move past simple transactional recruitment. Instead, we cultivate enduring professional partnerships that enable transformative progress.

No matter whether you’re looking for an HRIS Project Manager to lead a system optimisation project or want to find an HRIS Administrator to maintain your system, we’re here to make the talent search simple.

Roles We Work...

HRIS Systems Specialist

An HRIS Systems Specialist specialises in configuring, optimising, and enhancing Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). They collaborate with HR teams to customise software, develop reports, and ensure compliance. Their expertise enables organisations to leverage HR technology effectively, streamline processes, and harness data for strategic HR decision-making.

HRIS Manager

An HRIS Manager, whether a Project Manager or Systems Manager, oversees the strategic implementation and operation of Human Resources Information Systems. They lead projects, manage teams, and optimise HR software. Their role ensures efficient HR processes, data integrity, and alignment with organisational goals, enhancing HR's impact.

HRIS Payroll Consultant

An HRIS Payroll Consultant specialises in integrating payroll processes within Human Resources Information Systems. They assess payroll requirements, configure software, and troubleshoot issues to ensure accurate and compliant payroll processing. Their expertise enhances efficiency, accuracy, and regulatory compliance in payroll administration, benefiting both employees and the organisation.

HRIS Administrator

A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Administrator manages and maintains HR software and databases. They oversee data input, ensure system accuracy, troubleshoot issues, and provide user support. HRIS Administrators play a crucial role in streamlining HR processes, improving data management, and facilitating informed decision-making within an organisation.

HRIS Analyst

An HRIS Analyst plays a pivotal role in Human Resources by managing and analysing data within HR Information Systems. They create reports, evaluate system performance, and identify opportunities for process improvement. HRIS Analysts facilitate data-driven decision-making, streamline HR operations, and ensure the system meets the evolving needs of the organisation.

HRIS Developer

A HRIS Developer designs, codes, and maintains custom Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) solutions. They collaborate with HR teams to create software tailored to the organisation's specific needs. HRIS Developers enhance data management, automate processes, and ensure HR technology aligns with business objectives, optimising HR functions.

Helping Businesses Level Up

Connecting Speed Of Delivery With Quality Of Service.

HR is the heartbeat of a business, nurturing its people, fostering a great workplace, and steering it toward success with care. Connecting experts, we also help people to succeed.

We understand innovation and progress start with human connection. That’s why we recruiters operate in the same way, placing people at the heart of our services. 

Here’s just some of the industries we operate in: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Finance and Banking
  • Education
  • Technology
  • And more…

Delivering both permanent and contract options, we allow HR professionals to focus on meaningful, people-centric initiatives by delivering expert talent solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Book in with your dedicated Business Manager to get started. 

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Our Expert Team

Why are our team of HRIS recruiters regarded as experts? It's their dedicated expertise, profound market understanding, and unwavering commitment to delivering consistent excellence for both candidates and clients. 

Our team is proactive, approachable, and adaptable, dedicated to guiding you through your connection journey.

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