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iTrent Systems Manager

An iTrent Systems Manager is responsible for overseeing and optimising the iTrent HR and payroll system within an organisation or business. They ensure the system runs efficiently, troubleshoot issues, implement updates, and support end-users. Their role involves managing data integrity, security, and compliance while aligning iTrent with organisational needs.

iTrent Systems Administrator

An iTrent Systems Administrator is tasked with maintaining and configuring the iTrent HR and payroll system. They manage user access, perform routine system updates, troubleshoot technical issues, and ensure data accuracy. Their role involves collaborating with IT teams, providing user support, and safeguarding system integrity for seamless HR operations.

iTrent Systems Analyst

An iTrent Systems Analyst plays a critical role in optimizing the iTrent HR and payroll system. They analyse user requirements, design system enhancements, and oversee implementations. They collaborate with stakeholders to improve workflow efficiency, troubleshoot issues, and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making, ensuring iTrent aligns with business objectives.

iTrent Project Manager

An iTrent Project Manager is responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing iTrent software implementations and upgrades. They manage project timelines, budgets, and resources, ensuring successful system deployments. Their role involves coordinating cross-functional teams, mitigating risks, and aligning project goals with organisational objectives to achieve efficient HR and payroll processes.

iTrent Payroll Specialist

An iTrent Payroll Specialist is an expert in managing payroll processes using the iTrent system. They calculate and process employee salaries, deductions, and tax withholdings accurately. Their role includes staying updated on payroll regulations, resolving payroll discrepancies, and providing employees with payroll-related support to ensure smooth and compliant payroll operations.

iTrent HR Specialist

An iTrent HR Specialist plays a pivotal role in managing HR processes using iTrent. They ensure efficient employee data management, streamline payroll operations, oversee benefits administration, and provide technical support to users. Their expertise enhances business HR functions, fostering employee satisfaction and compliance.

HRIS Recruitment Partners of Choice

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The Requirement

What happens when someone within your organisation with a specialist HRIS skillset suddenly leaves the business? Do you have any contingency plans in place to find a replacement? As specialists in HRIS recruitment, it’s our job to connect you to the right expert, at the right time. This means that when you need to hire the right specialist, our recruitment experts are on hand to support you in your hiring process.

Having already been through two general recruitment agencies to resource for an iTrent Business Manager role, one client was in desperate need to find the right HRIS specialist to replace their leaver. With their employee due to finish within the month and no suitable replacement secured, they turned to us to help connect them to the talent they urgently required.

Main Objectives

  • Find a replacement within 3-month notice period
  • Plan for leaver resource contingency
  • Ensure a training handover period
  • Ensure HR processes remain seamless between employees

Recruitment Process

Partnering With iTrent Recruitment Specialists

Having no other specialist iTrent in the business, the client faced a real dilemma. Either they would have to hire interim resource, or they’d continue searching for a permanent replacement without anyone covering the position. Each route, however, presented major problems for the organisation. Not only could they incur extra costs but without anyone covering the position there would be massive disruptions to payroll, HR, and recruitment processes – both serious points of concern. This was until they reached out to us here at IT Works Recruitment.

Talent Search

The ideal iTrent Business Manager candidate our client was looking for would be an experienced iTrent professional, required on a permanent basis, and who was within commutable distance to travel on-site 2 days a week. With a people-orientated role, the person hired would need to be able to support users and communicate effectively. The role would also require training delivery to any new iTrent system users, 1st line technical system support, and general system management duties. As iTrent recruitment experts with an extensive network of niche iTrent professionals, we were able to turn around options within 24 hours.  

Candidate Selection

We provided with client with 2 candidate profiles who both met the criteria laid out in initial conversations. After reviewing both, the client decided to interview both candidates for the role. With interview feedback given to all parties within a 48-hour window, the client decided to take both through to 2nd stage. At 2nd interview stage, the client then made their decision on the iTrent professional they wanted to offer the position to.

Hiring Talent



The Delivery

Overall, turnaround from initial client conversation to offer made was a 2-week period. With the successful candidate able to start straight away, the business was still able to have its desired handover period where knowledge would be transferred to the new iTrent Business Manager. With the candidate fully onboarded, the business’s planned projects and continuous improvements are going ahead successfully.

The successful iTrent Business Manager they hired was an experienced iTrent professional who had vast knowledge of Business Objects and a strong HR and payroll background. For the candidate, the role offered them the opportunity to gain iTrent system experience within a sector and business new to them.

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