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ResourceLink Systems Analyst

A ResourceLink Systems Analyst specialises in managing and optimising ResourceLink, a comprehensive HR and payroll software. They evaluate business needs, design system configurations, troubleshoot issues, and ensure seamless integration of HR processes. Their expertise lies in enhancing efficiency, data accuracy, and user experience, crucial for effective human resources management.

ResourceLink Systems Administrator

A ResourceLink Systems Administrator oversees the implementation, maintenance, and customisation of ResourceLink software, a vital tool for HR and payroll management. They manage user accounts, ensure system security, troubleshoot technical issues, and optimise software performance. Their role is pivotal in enabling smooth HR operations, data integrity, and regulatory compliance within businesses.

ResourceLink Systems Manager

A ResourceLink Systems Manager plays a strategic role in overseeing the entire ResourceLink software ecosystem. They lead a team responsible for system design, configuration, and optimisation. Their focus is on aligning HR processes with organisational goals, ensuring data accuracy, and enhancing the software's functionality to drive efficient human resource management.

ResourceLink HR Consultant

A ResourceLink HR Consultant provides expert guidance on implementing ResourceLink software for HR and payroll management. They assess organisational needs, customise the software, and offer training and support to optimise HR processes. Their role involves tailoring solutions, ensuring compliance, and empowering businesses to leverage ResourceLink effectively for streamlined HR operations.

ResourceLink Payroll Consultant

A ResourceLink Payroll Consultant specialises in configuring and optimising ResourceLink software for payroll management. They work closely with organisations to ensure accurate payroll processing, compliance with regulations, and efficient payroll operations. Their role is to customise the software to meet specific payroll requirements and provide expert support for payroll-related challenges.

ResourceLink Reporting Specialist

A ResourceLink Reporting Specialist is responsible for generating and analysing data reports using ResourceLink software. They create custom reports to provide insights into HR and payroll metrics, aiding decision-making. Their role involves designing efficient reporting solutions, ensuring data accuracy, and facilitating informed strategic actions within an organisation.

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The Requirement

ResourceLink Payroll Implementation Project Manager to deliver a ResourceLink implementation from contract signature to go-live in the private sector.

Before contacting IT Works, the business had made the decision to implement ResourceLink having just signed the contract for the system and was torn between using an external consultant or Zellis consultancy to resource.

The company wanted someone to deliver their ResourceLink payroll implementation from start to finish and needed someone with proven knowledge of successfully doing so previously. This was driven by the UK ResourceLink Payroll Manager who would cover all their 5 UK sites.

Main Objectives

  • Deliver the ResourceLink payroll implementation on time and within budget
  • Manage the relationship with Zellis from start to finish through to stabilisation/BAU
  • Standardise the payroll system and processes across all 5 UK sites
  • Upskill internal employees within the business on how to use the system and hire new talent if necessary
  • Cleanse all data prior to the migration for effective use thereafter

Project Progress

They needed a consultant who knew ResourceLink payroll implementations and had proven knowledge of delivering them to compare to what Zellis (the vendor) could offer them. The business needed someone to do some “pre-project” work around data cleansing and pre-planning to make sure the project and migrations ran as smoothly as possible. We scoped out the resource to understand if this candidate existed and if anyone had the skill to cleanse data, provide hands-on support, and fully deliver the project for the client.

From the initial conversations, it was clear that this business had never recruited for anything like this or done a project like this for that matter, which meant I had to walk them through our process but also explain what each candidate could bring to the table in very thorough detail.


Unusually with this piece of work, this client required a lot of work to be done prior to the project starting. This became apparent after my initial conversations with the UK payroll Manager who had also never recruited for anything like this before.

This meant that I was challenged with finding someone who not only knew projects and could deliver from both a technical and stakeholder engagement perspective but also someone who was comfortable with data and data migration – which was like finding a needle in a haystack!


During the project, there were challenges from both a client and candidate perspective, the candidate was working all the hours under the sun and the internal team who were now a key part of the project were really struggling to meet the demand plus their BAU activities, it became clear that more resource was needed.

With budget constraints and the nature of this business, I offered a solution to provide some resources with short notice for 3 days per week for the remaining 6 months which kept the project on track and didn’t hurt the budget.

Stabilisation & Post Go Live

The Project Manager’s work slowed down, and we decreased their days whilst increasing the other consultants to continue with upskilling internally, stabilisation and of course keeping the cost down through to where the business was running self-sufficient with the right in-house skills to interject should there be any issues.

Hiring Talent



The Delivery

To summarise, this business decided to hire two people through IT Works, ultimately saving them almost £600 per day, over a 12-month period in consultancy fees which they would have had to pay via the vendor.

They successfully hired a ResourceLink Payroll Project Manager who delivered all the way through to completion and mid-way through took on an implementation consultant to act as an SME within ResourceLink alleviating responsibilities from the project manager and internal project team and was a real key to the project being delivered on-time and within budget.

The project was delivered in January 2023 and successfully went live, meaning the business now had 5 sites, all streamlined in their system and processes, saving the internal team countless hours in payroll discrepancies and a streamlined process to allow over 7,000 employees to be paid successfully every week/month.

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