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Project Manager

An IFS Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing the successful implementation of the IFS Financials module. They orchestrate project timelines, allocate resources, and ensure alignment with business goals. Their responsibilities encompass requirement analysis, customisation, testing, and training to ensure seamless integration of financial processes and software, delivering optimised financial management solutions.

IFS Finance Consultant

An IFS Finance Consultant leverages their expertise in financial processes and the IFS software to analyse business requirements, configure system settings, and ensure seamless integration. Their goal is to optimise financial operations, enhance reporting capabilities, and ensure compliance with industry standards, ultimately driving improved financial efficiency and decision-making within the company.

IFS Technical Consultant

An IFS Technical Consultant is responsible for implementing and customising the IFS software suite for clients. They analyse business requirements, design tailored solutions, and configure the IFS platform to optimise processes. They provide technical expertise, troubleshoot issues, and ensure seamless integration, contributing to efficient business operations.

IFS Finance Controller (Reports CFO)

The IFS Financial Controller provides key financial expertise guiding finance projects and ensuring alignment with financial best practices and regulatory compliance. They oversee budgeting, reporting, and financial processes, helping businesses optimise financial management and achieve their strategic goals.

IFS Technical Developer

An IFS Technical Developer's role post-go-live in an IFS finance module implementation involves ongoing system maintenance, enhancements, and troubleshooting. They work to fine-tune configurations, develop customizations, and address technical issues to ensure the software continues to meet evolving business needs, maintaining the module's efficiency and effectiveness.

IFS Financials Case Study

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The Requirement

Strengthening your team with permanent resources is advantageous for any business looking to supercharge long-term plans with in-house expertise. Having previously used contractors to support initial ERP implementation plans, the business had already begun strategically recruiting key professionals on a permanent basis. After successfully bringing in a new Finance Director, our clients were ready to expand their internal IFS team.

One of the first roles they required support for was an IFS Finance Process Manager. Bringing in IFS financials expertise, the ideal candidate would need to have experience working on IFS ERP implementations, data migrations, and process management. Having worked on various implementation projects, the IFS Finance Process Manager would help assist with the enterprise-wide IFS upgrade project across 14 manufacturing sites in the UK, spanning over 96 different countries, and would affect over 3,500 end-users. With such a massive project scope, the IFS professional they would hire needed to be the very best in the market.

Main Objectives

  • Improve business stability with permanent resource
  • Complete full upgrade to APPs 10
  • Improve finance processes
  • Execute data migration from legacy version to latest solution

Project Progress

Building an Applications Team

With the scale of the project as large as it was (including multiple in-house applications) they needed an IFS Financials Process Manager who had experience in managing multiple IFS projects simultaneously. In the first phase of the project, the finance expert would ensure all financial variables were in place, tested, and checked. Whilst working on the implementation, the IFS Specialist would need to learn the business’s processes and align unique requirements with IFS system applications. Importantly, they would need to work in conjunction with other members of the applications team to carry out the upgrade. With role criteria set, it was time to deliver talent options.

Resource Options

Within a 48-hour window, we delivered the client a shortlist of 3 talent options. All 3 candidates were finance experts who had previously used IFS from an end-user standpoint. From the 3 profiles sent, they narrowed down their preference for one candidate who went through a 2-stage interview over the course of a week. Once the offer was made, the candidate started with immediate effect.

Connecting Experts

The professional they hired was a contractor looking to move back into a permanent position. This IFS Finance Specialist was a qualified accountant and had multiple years experience in IFS and other ERPs on various projects. A process-oriented professional with relevant industry experience, the candidate hired ticked all the boxes.

Hiring Talent



The Delivery

With the right person in place, the business was able to stabilise its resource plans. This ensured the business had a backbone to their IFS team which they subsequently built upon throughout the project. Focusing on UK manufacturing sites first, the project was expanded internationally with particular emphasis on reviewing processes.

The IFS Finance Process Manager hired influenced all areas of the business involving manufacturing. This has allowed the business to work more efficiently and generated opportunity for business development.  

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