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Core expertise for both pre- and post-go-live projects.

IFS Manufacturing Project Manager

An IFS Manufacturing Project Manager leads the implementation of the IFS Manufacturing module, coordinating teams, resources, and processes to align with business goals. They optimise operations and enhance production efficiency through system integration and project management expertise.

IFS Manufacturing Consultant

An IFS Manufacturing Consultant is a key player in IFS Manufacturing module implementation, specialising in configuring, optimising, and integrating the system to streamline manufacturing operations. They provide expert guidance, process analysis, and training to align the module with organisational needs, driving efficiency, and productivity improvements.

IFS Technical Specialist (Developers)

An IFS Technical Specialist is instrumental in IFS Manufacturing module implementation, focusing on the system's technical aspects. They handle customisation, integration, and troubleshooting, ensuring the module aligns seamlessly with manufacturing processes. Their expertise drives efficient utilisation and maximises IFS’s capabilities for optimal production outcomes.

IFS Business Systems Manager

An IFS Business System Manager holds a critical role in IFS Manufacturing module implementation. They bridge the gap between business requirements and technical solutions, overseeing system customisation and alignment with organisational processes. Their expertise ensures a cohesive and effective integration, enabling efficient manufacturing operations within the IFS framework.

IFS Manufacturing Specialist or SME

An IFS Manufacturing Specialist has in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and leverages the IFS system to optimise production workflows. Their expertise ensures seamless module integration, improved operational efficiency, and alignment with industry-specific manufacturing requirements.

IFS Technical Analyst or Systems Support

An IFS Technical Analyst focuses on the technical intricacies, customising and configuring the system to align with manufacturing requirements. Their expertise in data analysis, integration, and troubleshooting ensures a seamless and efficient implementation, enabling enhanced manufacturing processes within the IFS framework.

IFS Recruitment Partners of Choice

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The Requirement

From IFS all-rounders to niche module specialists, it’s our job as IFS recruitment experts to know the right people. What makes us different? It’s our unique vantage point that makes us different. With in-depth insight into the IFS market, our positioning allows us to recognise opportunities that might otherwise go amiss. Our proactivity is how we provided one client with a solution to a niche resource problem. 

In the thick of an APPs 10 Aurena implementation, this business in the Aerospace and Defence industry had reached a critical stage where the project was overdue specialist manufacturing resource. Having tried finding a suitable candidate for nearly 6 weeks, the in-house recruitment department along with their internal resource partner hadn’t managed to source a consultant who could specialise solely in MRP (Material Resource Planning). That’s when we approached them, offering them the support they needed.

Main Objectives

  • Go live with apps 10 Aurena within the UK and in one other country abroad.
  • Processes within the manufacturing areas of the business work optimally.
  • Clear communication with key project (solution architect and PM) ensuring all project leads were on task and working to project timelines.

Project Progress

MRP Specialist

What was the client looking for? The business needed a certified IFS Manufacturing consultant who not only specialised in IFS Material Resource Planning (MRP) but had had implementation experience on APPs 10 / Aurena. When IT Works stepped in, we tapped into our network of specialists built over 20 years and sourced 5 qualified candidates who were interested in the role. Happy with the options provided, the client then shortlisted 3 profiles to take to interview. At the interview stage, the client decided who would be the best fit regarding location, experience, and skillset.

Eventually, the client narrowed their preference down to just one and offered the role to a contractor who has been in the IFS market for 16 years (APPS 7 through to IFS Cloud).

MRP Support

Embedding themselves in the team, the IFS MRP Consultant hit the ground running. Providing specialist MRP support, the manufacturing expert hired helped calculate requirements for parts that used information from master scheduling, manufacturing structures, and inventory data. With the rollout happening across multiple sites globally, having an experienced MRP consultant ensured project deadlines were pulled back in line with initial plans and other potential setbacks mitigated.

Hiring Talent



The Result

Having specialist resource in place, the business was able to save the project with go-live deadlines to be hit without any delays. By partnering with IT Works Recruitment, the interview to onboarding process only took a week. In total, we saved our client 6 weeks’ worth of time conducting interviews, sifting through CVs, and time spent off the project. With the right person onboard, the project year planned was completed within a 6-month period. 

Having successfully implemented IFS APPs 10 across multiple sites, the contractor has now been extended from their initial 6-month period and has been kept on board for the next phase of the IFS Cloud implementation project.

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