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IFS Supply Chain Consultant

An IFS Supply Chain Consultant specializes in optimizing supply chain processes using the IFS ERP system, focusing on the procurement module. They analyse business requirements, configure the IFS procurement module, and streamline procurement workflows. Their expertise ensures efficient supplier management, cost-effective sourcing, and seamless procurement operations, enhancing overall supply chain performance.

IFS Procurement Consultant

An IFS Procurement Consultant is responsible for optimising procurement processes using the IFS Procurement Module. They collaborate with professionals within the business to analyse, design, and implement procurement solutions, enhancing vendor management, cost control, and supply chain efficiency. Their expertise helps businesses achieve streamlined procurement operations and better strategic sourcing.

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The Requirement

Not quite at go-live? Worried your ERP implementation is getting massively behind? Providing them with the talent solutions for their IFS project, here’s how we helped one manufacturing business go live with its IFS APPs 10 Aurena implementation.

Having been in the works for 2 years, the company in question was struggling to go live with multiple issues occurring throughout its IFS project. Their main issue however was the lack of IFS specialist resources in certain modules they wanted to add. As a result, the business was struggling with budget constraints and staff retention. 

The business hoped to roll out IFS across its multiple sites in the UK and Ireland. The initial go-live of the implementation was to happen on their main site with the rollout of the rest taking a phased approach. Hiring a generalist recruitment agency to try and source the IFS specialist they needed, the business waited 6 months for the agency to find the right professionals for the job. However, with no suitable candidates put forward for the role, the client looked for an alternative. Having never worked with us before but hearing about IT Works in the IFS market, the client reached out to our IFS team to help with their recruitment.

Main Objective

  • Go live within a 6-month period without further project delays
  • Minimise the cost of implementation and resource
  • Ensure the IFS Procurement module was seamlessly implemented to reduce disruption to business processes
  • Streamline daily business operations with the IFS Procurement module

Project Progress

Working In Collaboration

In initial conversations, we understood the business needed to hire an IFS Specialist to oversee all goods procurement activities so that daily business operations could resume as normal. The client needed a professional with niche IFS procurement experience to provide immediate support. For an initial 6-month window, the contractor would see the implementation through to go-live (with the possibility of extension for go-live support). With the requirements set, we got to work finding them specialist IFS resource options.

IFS Resource Options

We provided the client with 5 niche IFS Supply Chain experts with additional IFS Procurement expertise, each with previous experience in similar industries. These 5 options ranged from immediate availability to a 2-week notice period, each with reasonable market rates. The client requested that all 5 candidates be taken through to interview. All interviews were conducted over a day period so they could make a swift but informed decision on who they wanted to hire. After interviewing all the candidates put forward, they decided to make an offer for just one stand-out candidate.

Who They Hired

The candidate they hired was an IFS cross-functional specialist with 10 years of experience across supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, and procurement. They had just finished a successful APPS10 Aurena implementation with a sole focus on procurement and were looking for their next project immediately.

Hiring Talent



The Delivery

The IFS Procurement Specialist the business hired ensured IFS procurement was up and running efficiently. Through effective data analysis, the IFS specialist was able to make sure everything was up-to-date and correct. Hitting the ground running, the contractor worked alongside the existing in-house team to work towards the go-live date. They also had a clear line of contact with the IFS Project Manager and IFS Solutions Architect to ensure any changes were known and input into the project plan. With efficient lines of communication, project progression was rapid with the additional IFS Specialist now embedded in their team.

The business was able to successfully go live within the 6-month period with minimal pushbacks on project deliverables. With the right person in place, the business could control the project budget and saw no further unexpected costs.

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