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Core expertise for both pre- and post-go-live projects.

IFS Project Manager

An IFS Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing the implementation or upgrade of the IFS Projects module. Their responsibilities encompass project planning, resource allocation, risk management, and ensuring alignment with organisational objectives. They bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions, driving successful project outcomes.

IFS Projects Consultant

An IFS Projects Consultant is instrumental in an IFS Projects module implementation or upgrade project. They leverage their deep expertise to configure the module, aligning it with business or client requirements. Their role involves system optimisation, user training, and troubleshooting to ensure a smooth transition and optimal utilisation of the module's capabilities.

IFS Solutions Architect

An IFS Solutions Architect specialising in Customer Relations Management (CRM) module designs comprehensive CRM solutions using IFS software. They analyse client requirements, create tailored CRM architectures, and oversee implementation. With expertise in IFS CRM capabilities, they optimise customer interactions, streamline processes, and enhance overall business efficiency, ensuring seamless CRM integration.

Head of PMO (Project Management Office)

The Head of PMO (Project Management Office) is instrumental in IFS Projects module implementation or upgrades. They lead project planning, resource allocation, and oversee adherence to project management standards. Their role ensures efficient project execution, timely delivery, and alignment with organisational goals for a successful implementation or upgrade.

IFS Super Users (SMEs)

IFS Super Users are expert end-users who bridge the gap between system capabilities and operational needs. Their responsibilities include user training, system testing, and providing valuable insights for optimising the module to enhance project efficiency and effectiveness.

IFS Recruitment Partners of Choice

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The Requirement

Is your business at the very beginning of its IFS ERP journey? Unsure where to start with your IFS ERP resource planning? IFS recruitment partners of choice for over 200 businesses, we not only support hiring managers through the recruitment process but also help them build their IFS resource strategy. Here’s how one client built an excellent IFS team by collaborating with our IFS recruitment experts.

A greenfield IFS implementation, this client was starting from scratch building out their ERP system. With no prior knowledge of IFS or ERP and how it would work within their business, they needed advice and guidance on the steps to take when it came to hiring their IFS team. With 2 UK sites and one overseas site, the implementation would be staggered in phases. First on the list, was IFS Projects. This application was core to their business processes and most relevant to their industry sector.

What they needed was an IFS Projects Consultant along with additional specialist IFS resource.

Main Objectives

  • Implement end-to-end IFS Projects module
  • Inform areas of the Service team, test team, and technical team on each step of the project
  • Set staggered go-live for UK and overseas business
  • Work closely on subcontract management, project reporting, and invoicing

Project Progress

Expert IFS Advice

Reaching out to us directly after hearing about our reputation in the market, the client contacted our team to collaborate on IFS resource plans. After being sold the system from IFS, it was evident the client needed a specialist IFS consultant to work in-house as a direct point of contact for the team. Beneficial to the business, the in-house resource would be committed solely to the IFS project and would be the go-to specialist the team could go to in addition to IFS-provided support.

IFS Projects Consultant

The IFS Projects module is a very niche area. Customised to specific businesses and a niche skillset set amongst candidates in the market, the client needed our support in finding the best fit. Having set the parameters of their requirement, we delivered the client 4 of the best IFS profiles within a 24-hour window. These candidates ranged from specialists to professionals dedicated to IFS Projects as well as others with cross-functional knowledge of the module. One common thread between all profiles was that they all had new implementation experience of APPs 10 or higher at the initial kick-off stage.

Hiring a Specialist

With a fast turnaround between interviews and feedback, the IFS Projects Consultant they hired was offered the role and onboarded in less than 48 hours. The candidate the client decided on was an IFS Projects specialist who had implemented the module on two separate occasions. Immediately available, the IFS Specialist was a perfect fit for the business having relevant experience working on IFS in the same industry. Providing them with rapid resource, the business was able to lay out plans to begin the project immediately. 

Hiring Talent



The Delivery

With the right IFS expert in place, the project was able to go ahead sooner than had initially been anticipated. Having an in-house IFS Projects specialist ensured the additional IFS resource brought onto the project were able to lean on the knowledge and expertise of the candidate hired through IT Works Recruitment. Firmly embedded in their growing IFS team, the IFS Projects Consultant hired helped create a solid IFS resource foundation for the business to build from.

With the project ongoing, so far, the first phase of the implementation has been completed on time and within budget. Plans to build and customise the business’s IFS ERP system have since been put into motion following the success of the first implemented module.

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