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Core expertise for both pre- and post-go-live projects.

IFS Service and Maintenance Consultant

The IFS Service Maintenance Consultant typically at pre-go-live stage plays a crucial role in the set-up, configuration, and maintenance of the IFS (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Although their area of specialism is in the Service and Maintenance module, they’ll typically have expertise in Sales and CRM. Their expertise guarantees a smooth transition, minimising disruptions, and setting the foundation for efficient and reliable long-term system operation.

IFS Service and Maintenance Projects Consultant

The IFS Projects Consultant is instrumental in deploying the Services and Maintenance module. They analyse business needs, configure the module and train staff. Their expertise ensures seamless integration and efficient processes, preparing the organisation for post-implementation success and optimal management of service and maintenance operations.

IFS Service and Maintenance Projects Manager

The IFS Project Manager oversees the entire IFS Services and Maintenance module implementation, ensuring it aligns with project goals and timelines. They coordinate resources, manage risks, and communicate effectively, ensuring a successful pre-go-live phase. Their leadership guarantees efficient project execution, setting the stage for post-implementation success and system reliability.

IFS Service and Maintenance Technical Analyst

An IFS Technical Analyst plays a critical role in implementing the Services and Maintenance module. They handle system configuration, data migration, and technical troubleshooting. Their expertise ensures seamless integration of the module, enabling efficient post-implementation maintenance and service operations, and optimising the IFS system functionality.

IFS Sales & Services Representatives

The IFS Sales and Services Representative contributes to the successful implementation of the Services and Maintenance module by bridging the gap between client requirements and system capabilities. They gather insights, communicate needs, and facilitate alignment, ensuring the module meets user expectations, leading to improved post-implementation service and maintenance operations.

IFS Business Analyst

The IFS Business Analyst plays a pivotal role in the implementation of the Services and Maintenance module. They assess business processes, identify requirements, and translate them into system specifications. Their expertise ensures a tailored module that enhances service and maintenance operations post-implementation, aligning technology with organisational needs. 

IFS Recruitment Partners of Choice

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The Requirement

The implementation project of IFS Apps EE had just gone live. Realised that they needed to strengthen their team with specific skillsets (both functional and technical) to bolster their small internal IFS department made up of IFS freelance consultants (who had been previously placed by IT Works as well as in-house end-users. With plans to upgrade to IFS Cloud within the next 12 months.

The business already had a freelance IFS Service and Maintenance specialist supporting the project through the pre and post-go-live implementation phases. However, their strategy was to hire in permanent specialist who had expertise in the Service and maintenance function to liaise and co-ordinate end-user requirements and business processes.

Main Objectives:
  • Strength their team
  • Hire SME to build on existing IFS knowledge within the business
  • Create a sustainable team structure pre–IFS Cloud upgrade
  • Re-allocate budget to longer-term requirement

Recruitment Process


Looking for someone with a functional and technical skillset. They needed someone with financials and service management expertise who had a technical understanding of customisations, user administration (including permission sets), IFS lobbies, and crystals report writing.

Candidate selection

With niche IFS requirement, the search for the ideal candidate within a commutable distance who met the client’s expectations was difficult search. However, with our extensive 20 year IFS candidate network, we were able to provide the client with a shortlist of 2 candidates within a 48 hour window.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process was a 2-stage interview with both candidates. Informal meeting to understand IFS experience in conjunction with the job spec required, getting to know the company from a project standpoint, and career development opportunity. The second stage was on-site to meet the in-house team, with a more in-depth discussion on project requirements (asked to provide examples of previous project experience and how they contribute internally). Selected one person, who could perform both technically and functionally within the role.

Hiring Talent



The Result

From requirement to offer made in 3 weeks. Since placement, IT Works have maintained a relationship with both parties and are now working in partnership with any future requirements.

With the right expert in place, the business has gained skillset stability, extended IFS knowledge, and enabled the roadmap to IFS Cloud to be put into motion.

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