An HRIS consultant can make a difference to your business from the planning phase on.

Finding an HRIS Consultant

Why Do You Need an HRIS Consultant?

Role of an HRIS Consultant

At the time a company first adopts HRIS processes, their existing HR structure is usually functional but overly complicated. This is a result of adding new processes in as needed. Companies will often only decide how they’re implementing a given process when it has to be put into action.

These decisions are made to solve the problem in hand – not to benefit the bigger picture. Before too long, a few of these decisions create layers of additional complication.

Implementing an HRIS is an opportunity to start ‘fresh’ and bring in processes which have been designed from the ground up as one simple solution.

An HRIS consultant may help you lay out the shape of this system. They may even be able to suggest changes and additions to handle problems you haven’t encountered yet.

Their experience can also help with other parts of your implementation strategy, as well as your plans going forward. Your consultant can act as your advocate with your implementation partner; they know what you might need.

And with their experience seeing many different companies implement HRIS, they’re in a great position to advise you on what has and hasn’t worked for businesses like yours.

Some consultants are also useful when the system has been implemented and your trams begin their work. As HRIS trainers they can push projects forward for greater success.

Filling Your HRIS Consultant Role

Your HRIS consultant is out there; a candidate with experience in your sector and your HRIS of choice, with the skills to back that up. It’s just a question of finding them.

However, the need for skilled consultants rises faster than the number of qualified candidates in the market. Just using job boards or standard recruitment agencies, it may take so long to find an available candidate that your implementation has to be pushed back beyond acceptable timelines.

Instead, you cancome to us. We’ll work with you to get a clear understanding of your job requirements and the company culture. We’ll then check our extensive database and, if necessary, reach out to find new candidates. That allows us to provide a shortlist of available, appropriate candidates for your interview.

We’re here to streamline your recruiting process and get you on the way to your implementation early.