How Do I Get NetSuite Certified?

Already huge in the US, NetSuite has grown massively in popularity over the past few years in the UK. As more and more jobs are created to support this growing market, it can be a smart move for your career to ask: how do I get NetSuite Certified?

Getting NetSuite Certified

While it’s not the only way to get started on a NetSuite career, most developersconsultants, and administrators have completed NetSuite Certification at some point in their career, and NetSuite do highly encourage anyone working regularly with their systems to complete certification.

NetSuite Certification is broken down into several categories focusing on different aspects of the Oracle NetSuite services. Recently, for example, they’ve added User certifications designed for end users to add to those intended for back end users.

There are three ways to actually take the test; an online proctored exam, in-person examination at a testing centre, or, once a year, during the big annual SuiteWorld event. Testing is provided by Kryterion, a NetSuite partner.

These exams all require time in preparation. You can only sit examination at SuiteWorld once a year; testing centres obviously require you to organise yourself to visit them, and proctored examinations will require that the room you sit them in be empty of anything that might conceal notes. You also can’t leave the room.

Before the exam, however, there are lots of places you can brush up on your training. LinkedIn groups exist just to provide mutual support for people working on their certification; NetSuite has their own study guides online; and as always with any tech sector qualification, there are dozens of third-party websites set up talking through the curriculum one way or another. Just make absolutely sure that the guide you study from is up to date!

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