What Are HRIS Skills?

If you’re looking to break into the industry – perhaps your company is making the leap to using HRIS systems as it grows, or you’re hoping to become more valuable for other roles – it’s important that you be able to show you have the relevant skills. But what are the relevant HRIS skills?

Developing Your HRIS Skills

First and foremost is, of course, a familiarity with the HRIS of your choice. It’s relatively rare for anyone to work with multiple HRIS systems to the point that both of them deserve to be put on the CV, but if you work on migration projects you’ll pick up some experience with others. However, you shouldn’t add these to your CV until you can work with, maintain, and even update a database in that system – at minimum.

In almost all cases, you’ll occasionally have to do work in SQL, so familiarity with that language is extremely useful. This is also one of the easier skills to develop outside work.

If working in a developer or technical consultant role, your focus should remain on these areas, but familiarity with any other system that may need integrating with the software will be helpful in expanding the range of placements you can take.

On the other hand, if you want to be an HRIS analyst, you’ll want to prepare yourself to understand data, manage projects, and deliver reports. We recommend you look into reporting software and project management theory. While these won’t do the whole job, they’re as close as you can come before you start your HRIS journey.

The rest of it you’ll have to pick up through role after role. Which does mean you’ll need to find those roles – so contact us today. We’ll go over your skills and experience and we’ll get your CV in front of decision makers with roles that match to your individual profiles.

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