What Can A HRIS Business Analyst Do For You?

There’s a temptation sometimes to assume that setting up a new HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is enough to fix the issues you wanted it for without doing anything else. As great as that would be, it’s not true – you still need to analyse and interpret the data the system collects. HRIS business analysts are trained to do this efficiently and effectively. So what can they do for you, and what should you look for to find the right candidate?

The Role of an HRIS Business Analyst

A typical analyst in this role will have to:

  • Analyse HRIS performance metrics

  • Ensure these metrics are stored where they can be easily accessed

  • Document processes and HR concerns

  • Optimise processes

  • Audit processes and documentation

  • Develop or improve processes for hiring, internal training, payroll, disciplinary, and termination

  • Liaise with HR personnel and stakeholders in other departments for forward planning purposes

  • Develop and present reports derived from all activities above

  • Provide training for any personnel who will need to work with the HRIS

If one is available, your HRIS analyst will work closely with an HRIS manager or consultant. They will handle the technical side of the HRIS, including any needed upgrades or new integrations with other software.

Finding The Right Candidate

Your business will have its own individual requirements to add to this list, but there are some general basics that should be included:

  • Experience with your HRIS of choice

  • Extensive experience in analysis of HR metrics

  • Demonstrated proficiency in database management

In addition to these requirements which can be shown through a CV, the candidate should be tested on:

  • Understanding of database security

  • Experience in documenting and refining processes

  • Strong interpersonal skills

These softer skills are often difficult to track through a CV alone but can be verified through interview processes or pre-qualified through reference checking and the testimony of former colleagues. (The LinkedIn skill endorsement program also provides a basic form of this.)

With so many skills that can’t be verified through CV alone, it can take several interviews to rule prospective clients in or out unless they’re pre-qualified.

Our HRIS team has years of experience working with clients using all the major systems (and quite a few more obscure ones). We know how to pre-qualify candidates for soft skills, including endorsements from colleagues and from decision makers – and we can provide proof to our clients.

That’s part of how we’ve cut the interview process down until our clients take an average of just two and a half interviews to find the right candidate.

That’s a huge time saving!

Contact us to find out how.

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