Hiring The Right HRIS Data Analyst

Having an HRIS in place is a huge bonus for any business. All the same, it’s very easy not to use it to its full potential. What’s missing from many company strategies is an effort to understand and act on the full range of information available from the system. To properly assess this data, you need an HRIS data analyst.

Shortlisting HRIS Data Analysts

The most obvious requirement for candidates is a familiarity with the HRIS system you’ve selected – and this certainly shouldn’t be overlooked! However, there are a few other factors worth paying attention to.

A data analyst occupies a strange space directly between HR and IT. Familiarity with the system covers the IT side of things and makes it relatively straightforward for them to collate the data needed.

What’s then needed is the HR understanding needed for useful analysis.

You’ll need to find a candidate who understands not just the basics of the HR field but also your specific industry sector. Every industry has its own hidden pitfalls if you approach it ‘by the book’; the pitfalls just vary by industry.

Your HRIS data analyst will be working alongside your HRIS business analysts, and may be working under a manager. They’re probably one of the least likely roles to work remotely out of the field, but in at least some businesses they’re comfortable with it being a remote role.

Being remote has two potential advantages; you increase the potential number of qualified candidates, and you ensure that soft skills are less of a factor. However, it also has two key disadvantages – the candidate will not be as familiar with your business’ specific practices, and they will not had as many opportunities to build relationships with the rest of the business.

As this includes the stakeholders who will be expected to act on their reports, this can be a significant issue.

The right decision for your business will depend on a great many variables. We recommend discussing these with an expert who can help you pin down what you need and what you want – and, ideally, someone who can then help you assemble your shortlist afterward.

To get the process started, contact us.

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