The Role Of A HRIS Manager?

Is your HRIS team growing? Are you just starting out on an implementation project which has a large personnel requirement? You may find yourself needing to recruit an HRIS manager.

Why an HRIS Manager?

Even if it’s only for a relatively short project, management becomes more and more important the bigger the team working together. Your HRIS solution will become the backbone of all HR related activities and can even shape policy within the business.

To ensure the team implementing, updating, maintaining and, of course, using the software runs smoothly, above a certain number of team members appointing one as a team lead is no longer enough and a manager must be hired.

HRIS managers have usually spent time as HRIS administrators, showing their ability to co-ordinate systems and smaller teams, before they take up their role in management. What’s really necessary, however, is simply an understanding of how the system works, combined with a proper grasp of people management as well as the ability to serve as an interface between upper management and their team.

This requires an additional key skillset on top of the HRIS skillset. To find a candidate who has both of these can be a challenge, but happily there are solutions available. Speak to a specialist recruiter who knows the candidate pool and they’ll be able to identify potential candidates for you, providing you with a shortlist.

At IT Works Recruitment, we average one placement for every three CVs we send out. That’s because our shortlist only ever includes candidates we’ve pre-qualified. We take our reputation seriously, so if we submit a candidate to you, you can be sure we believe they’re suitable.

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