IFS Careers: Permanent Roles

Permanent roles working with ERP systems are usually support roles. That might mean an ERP support specialist position, or it might be part of a system administrator’s job. In either case, the role’s duties are likely to be a mixture of three things.

Tech Support

Like any other part of your business infrastructure, your IFS implementation may need troubleshooting from time to time, particularly when integrated systems are updated. A dedicated tech support specialist may also be involved in implementing solutions for broken integrations caused by upgrades, system changes, or equipment failure.


IFS sysadmins ensure that as your business grows your preferred ERP platform scales with you. Adding new systems as you expand is much simpler with their expertise on hand.

Business Analysts

The best gift you can give your analysis team is ERP support. All the same, you may find better results if you treat business analysis as an IFS career; trained specialists will be happy to settle into the role, and they’ll be using IFS to its full capacity right from the start.

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