Finding Infor ERP Jobs

Standing out from the crowd as the only industry-specific, multi-tenant cloud ERP, Infor had seen growing uptake as the size of the ERP market expands. With the spread of the system, there are increasing opportunities for trained candidates. But how do you find Infor ERP jobs?

Like most ERPs (and most high-specialism technical roles), they’re often not listed on the major job boards. This acts as a first screening of sorts – while businesses might find suitable candidates for other IT posts with little to no formal experience or training, Infor and similar software needs a certain minimum experience to be any use. The proportion of applications which would immediately be discarded will be high.

Beating the Competition to Infor ERP Jobs

Decision makers at companies running (or preparing to run) ERP systems will be looking for a very specific set of technical skills. Any two implementations of Infor will be slightly different; the business’ own requirements and the other software they use affect what’s needed.

The Infor recruitment process for roles like these looks for familiarity with Infor first and with other related software second. However, there’s a third stage which is just as important – and in fact it’s the part of your CV and interview which is most likely to tip decision makers in your favour, assuming you can do the job.

We’re talking about your soft skills here. Can you settle easily into a team on arrival? Can you translate between technical jargon and the level of understanding non-technical members of the client business have?

Do you know how to write a clear report detailing everything you need? Can you identify and highlight the problems that non-experts might face?

These are important skills that are hard to spotlight on a CV, but which deserve to be spotlighted. In a very real sense, they’re what will decide who gets Infor ERP jobs.

For more on this – and to make sure you have a chance to get onto the shortlist of companies looking to implement Infor – contact us today.

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