Hiring An iTrent System Administrator

Within your business there may be several ‘essential’ systems – those the company just can’t function without. Of these, possibly the most important is a HRIS. Payroll is essential to any business’ smooth functioning! With the importance of iTrent and its competitors to the businesses that use them, making sure there’s an iTrent system administrator on staff is vital for BAU (business as usual).

Qualifying an iTrent System Administrator

As with many complex systems, iTrent is big enough that not all sysadmins will be familiar with all modules. Depending on what specifically you need it for, you may want to focus on experience with a few core modules or someone who has a wider all-round familiarity, on the theory they’ll be able to master a wider selection of systems faster than the other candidates.

If you’re reading this as your iTrent implementation is being carried out (or, better yet, during its planning stages) ahead of hiring your first system administrator, you’ll have to make the decision about this experience for the first time. Talk to your iTrent project manager about the planned system structure and scope.

The odds are good that you already have some documents laying this out, but your PM will be able to translate that into iTrent modules and systems. This will let you build part of the job spec you need.

The other side of the job spec will come from their duties within the organisation. Are they going to work closely with anyone outside of HR and Payroll? Will training staff in iTrent use be needed?

How much of their day will be taken up with preparation of reports?

All of these questions are important in drawing up your job spec, but without a precise job spec you’ll spend much more time sifting through candidates in order to create a qualified shortlist.

The job spec is the single most essential part of this process; the rest can be outsourced easily. A specialist recruitment consultant will know several iTrent system administrators – better yet, these candidates will be pre-qualified.

Once up to date on your needs, they’ll be able to compile a shortlist for you, using only available, qualified candidates who’ve already been sounded out for interest in the role.

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