NetSuite System Administrator Job Description

Once implemented, the most important member of staff connected with your system will be the NetSuite system administrator. They have ultimate responsibility for performance – which, as NetSuite optimises business workflow, means their success raises the ceiling for everyone else in the company.

What Goes into a NetSuite System Administrator Job Description?

Hiring managers and other decision makers will want to place the most appropriate candidate in a position like this. Job descriptions will often be highly detailed. Every piece of software that can interact with the NetSuite implementation will be listed, and experience will be expected with all (or at least most) of them.

As a potential candidate, you’ll benefit from knowing as much as possible about integrating NetSuite with other popular business software. What does NetSuite render obsolete? What does it connect to? And what might need additional work to support, if it comes up?

You’ll be expected to provide technical support to all other personnel who use the NetSuite installation, including both BAU solutions and, whenever they come up, bigger challenges that don’t match a BAU approach.

Another tool that a NetSuite system administrator will be expected to be familiar with is the customisability of the dashboard. If you can demonstrate experience in designing multiple dashboards to suit the needs of different roles within the company, that’s likely to match a requirement.

Matching Your CV to the Job Description

Job descriptions for this role will always call for a certain minimum experience with NetSuite, typically between three and five. They may also be looking for NetSuite certification, as the company offers many useful certifications.

Because there are so many different choices for certification, it’s very possible to be widely certified but be missing a specific option that a potential employer wants. However, NetSuite Administrator certification is a good basic certification to ensure you have.

Lastly, it’s not uncommon for employers to look for previous experience working both on the technical side and in a business analyst role. It’s important that the NetSuite system administrator be able to understand the needs of the analysts using the software, after all.

Talk to our NetSuite experts if you want more insights on setting your CV against a job description successfully.

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