The Role Of A NetSuite Administrator

Key Skills

Essentials for the role include experience with implementation and integration projects. In addition,candidates must be up to date on current NetSuite functions and interface. Analytics training will also help to track KPIs and carry out reporting.

In many cases, NetSuite administrators are also tasked with technical and systems support. It will benefit the candidate if they’re also familiar with any other software the company may have integrated with their system.

How to Get a Role as a NetSuite Administrator?

Your priority for your CV should be your technical skills – but include anything that’s connected, including programming languages and coding equipment, as well as qualifications for commonly integrated systems.

With NetSuite providing significant updates twice a year, recent activity is much more important than older items. Make sure it’s your most recent roles that get the focus in your CV.

If you really want to stand out from the rest of the market, we have a guide to writing a killer NetSuite CV.

If you are looking for administrator roles, our NetSuite specialists at IT Works are always on hand to help put you in the right role for you.

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