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So your business has a need for NetSuite developers, and it’s your responsibility to hire them. It may be that you’re already very familiar with the ERP world, know what you need, and know what kind of candidates are most appropriate. But it’s just as likely that your business as a whole isn’t in the tech sector, and the best way to bring in candidates for your NetSuite developer jobs is something you’re not sure about.

This guide is for you.

What Makes NetSuite Developer Jobs Attractive?

NetSuite is one of the most popular ERP platforms out there – especially in the UK. As the first such platform to be cloud based, it immediately gained a lot of attention – and with rolling updates provided at the source, stakeholders can be confident it will never become outdated.

However, no ERP is a one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s not likely one will ever be created. Every implementation has to be looked at individually – a business that’s almost identical to your own on the surface would probably still have a very different implementation.

While you’ll probably use a consultant to design the overall plan for implementation, at some point a developer will be needed to handle these specifics.

If there are any integrations with existing systems that might need building from scratch, a developer will be the one to handle it. If there are several of these, you may need more than one to complete the role in a reasonable timeframe.

This is one reason that IT contractors with the right skills find NetSuite developer jobs attractive; the field is unlikely to dry up and there’s always a new and interesting challenge coming along.

So how do you find the right ones for you?

At minimum, your developer should have:

  • Experience with standard NetSuite functionality

  • A good understanding of modern scripting techniques and processes

  • The capability to report progress clearly to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

  • Previous experience working in some capacity on NetSuite implementations

There will always be other requirements depending upon the role itself.

Is remote work acceptable? If not, there will be the question of location. If there aren’t many local developers, you may need room in the budget for the additional expense of commute or staying overnight in the area – a developer who needs to do this will have a higher day rate.

How important is company fit to you? Developers are usually short term contract employees, so this is less important than for an administrator, but it may still be a factor.

What other software will the developer have to interact with? Will they need familiarity?

Working up your job spec like this can take a while, especially if you’re not personally familiar with the requirements of the field.

However, expert support is available. We can work with you to develop a job spec, making sure we understand your requirements clearly before we match those to our network of qualified candidates. We’ll make sure your listing stands out from other NetSuite developer jobs.

Get in touch and we’ll get the process started for you as soon as possible.

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