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One of the biggest American brands in the ERP space is Oracle NetSuite. While it’s an international brand, one of the biggest keys to its success is the big SuiteWorld annual convention, usually held in Las Vegas and exclusively held in the continental United States. Overseas expansion has been steady, though, with the result that there is now a huge market for NetSuite jobs in the UK.

Finding NetSuite Jobs in the UK

As with most ERP related roles, decision makers recruiting for NetSuite jobs are looking exclusively for candidates with training and/or experience working with NetSuite. It’s so important when implementing a NetSuite instance that it be done just right that they can’t risk any other strategy.

For qualified candidates, there’s an obvious benefit to this, which is that business don’t want to gamble on anyone who doesn’t have the training and familiarity. The downside comes in making sure that yours is one of the CVs they do consider.

Most importantly, these roles are rarely posted on traditional job boards. Any job posted to one of these boards gets a certain amount of the public who are not qualified for it applying all the same. This means every listing gets a certain number of useless applications – roughly the same number whatever the job.

The more specialised the job, the higher the proportion of useless applications you have to work through to find the ones that may actually be useful. As NetSuite jobs require some very specialised training and experience, hiring managers and other decision makers now avoid these traditional boards.

So how do you get your CV in front of them?

If you know a company has implemented or is planning to implement NetSuite, you could write directly – but this tends to be rare. You should certainly also have a recurring Google search for “NetSuite jobs UK”, and perhaps also one for a more specific job role. These will help you to catch some listings posted on companies’ own websites.

All the same, we’d recommend you also speak with specialist recruiters. Our NetSuite team are constantly talking with the biggest NetSuite using businesses in the country, and not only that – we’re always looking to speak with new businesses as they create NetSuite roles. In many cases, we’ve established a close enough connection with the decision makers at these businesses that we hear about the roles before they’re officially listed anywhere.

These clients come to us because they know we won’t just pick candidates at random. Instead we work closely to understand the job role and create a shortlist only of interested, engaged candidates who fit the role.

We’d love for you to be one of those candidates; we’re always looking for more experts we can connect with key decision makers. The best way of finding NetSuite jobs in the UK just needs you to get in touch.

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