A Short Guide To NetSuite Staffing

The single biggest cause of failure for NetSuite systems – and for other ERP platforms – is a user base that doesn’t know how to use it and isn’t given the tools they need to change that. Ultimately, these tools are people – trainers, consultants, specialists, and more. The key to a successful deployment is not to skimp on NetSuite staffing.

Avoiding NetSuite Staffing Mistakes

Most NetSuite jobs have self-explanatory titles, but that doesn’t mean everyone uses them. It’s become common in the market lately for businesses to adopt unusual titles for the role – which can mean that when you bring in experienced NetSuite staff you or your recruiter need to check what that job title actually means in terms of competencies.

Transferring NetSuite Skills to Existing Staff

One thing’s for sure – you’ll need experienced NetSuite personnel. During implementation and throughout operation, you’ll have to make sure the people using the system have the training to do so. The best way to spread that experience is to bring in external personnel and have them work with the most relevant of your existing staff.

These staff will be the bedrock of your NetSuite efforts going forward, so it’s important they know their way around the system. It’s not uncommon for businesses to feel that their best staff can’t be taken away from business as usual, but this will lead, down the line, to the people who could make best use of NetSuite being the ones without the experience needed to make use of it.

Instead, consider bringing in a NetSuite administrator to help train these staff members and to keep the project moving.

Hire the Right Person First

It’s a truism in recruitment that hiring the wrong person costs about 30% of their annual salary in lost revenue, on average, before the cost of hiring and training their replacement is even taken into account.

That’s just the cost of hiring the wrong person. When you bring in someone for NetSuite who shouldn’t have been brought in, you can set the project back and even limit the amount everyone else on your team will learn about the implementation.

This makes it incredibly important to get your NetSuite staffing right first time.

In turn, this means making sure you’re drawing from the best available pool of candidates. You’ll want to make sure the shortlists you get have the ideal people for the role. The best way to do that is to come in with a recruitment consultant. They know the field, they know thew best people, and they already have trust built up with them, making it easier to bring them in at short notice.

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