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In line with many other tech-industry job markets, the number of different job titles has proliferated massively over the past few years. In fact, a little while ago one of our NetSuite recruitment consultants, Joe Lowe, put together a guide to decode job titles – well worth reading if you want to respond to the right job listings!

In particular, one role which is has been growing in demand for some years goes by NetSuite Head of System or NetSuite Business Systems Manager. This is by no means an entry-level position! But it serves as a reminder to check your skills and experience periodically. What titles can you realistically lay claim to? And do you know what might be reasonable salary expectations for the same?

What level of familiarity can you show with NetSuite? NetSuite itself isn’t the be-all and end-all of the job, either. What related systems have you mastered? Think back to your previous roles, and make a list. Which integrations did you work with? Are any of them industry-specific?

These questions allow you to tailor your CV and your approach to the specific parts of the market where you’re likely to be most successful.

The next step is getting your CV seen by the right people. Many ERP jobs are advertised on popular job boards, but quite a few aren’t. Businesses have learned that specialist sectors – and all Oracle NetSuite jobs definitely fall into this category – are better served by specialist recruiters.

Our NetSuite consultants have invested years into building up a library of candidates and clients, developing positive relationships, and coming to understand their skills and their goals.

When a client we’ve worked with before needs roles filled, they’ll often come to us as a first step. And while we do reach out to find other candidates, that makes our library a great place to be – because you may go straight to the shortlist the moment we contact you to discuss the role.

We also look for ways to improve your presentation. We’ll build out a talent pack around your CV – researching additional information to provide clients with a better picture of your skills, presenting you in the positive. To do this we contact decision makers you recommend to us, using our expertise to get the best statement from them.

This process gives you the best possible chance of a successful and speedy recruitment process, placing you in the right role for the right price.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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