Retraining As A NetSuite Administrator

It’s a cliché, but it’s true now in a way it never has been before. The world of work has changed radically over the past two years. Over that time, a huge number of people have taken steps to change their situation by changing their career – there’ve even been a couple of high-profile advertising campaigns encouraging people to retrain – and there are still many more considering the same thing. So if you’ve been thinking about retraining as a NetSuite administrator, these tips should help you.

NetSuite Administrator Skills

When you’re looking to retrain, there are two things you need to take into account in your planning.

First and foremost you do need to learn the skills you’re going to need in your new role. Without that knowledge it doesn’t matter if you get a role in your new field; you wouldn’t be able to keep it in any case.

However it’s just as important to be able to show you’ve learned the skills in a way that’s easily seen on your CV. For ERPs, including NetSuite, companies won’t take a simple like about proficiency as true without a qualification or a job description that proves it.

This is even more important when retraining as a NetSuite administrator – companies will not put someone in that role when their command of the software is completely unproven.

If your training comes through your current workplace, this isn’t a problem; you’ll be able to note NetSuite projects you’ve been part of on your CV.

If not, the best way to handle it is through official NetSuite certification. The company oversees its own official certification which they incentivise by offering discounts on further training, plus access to private social media groups swapping tips and hints.

Certification must be maintained annually and tested for every three years, meaning employers know that if it’s on your CV they can rest assured you know enough for the role.

Retraining as a NetSuite administrator is a challenge, but the payoff can be well worth it.

To discuss your NetSuite career plans, just get in touch.

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