What Does A NetSuite Consultant Do?

Making the decision that your business is ready for an ERP can be difficult. We’ve spoken to more than one business that wasn’t ready to acknowledge it until the system was already a necessity. They then have to decide which solution to go for and arrange for a time-consuming implementation while their systems are pushed to the limits for BAU. Having chosen your system, you need to get it in place and ready for you, which needs specialist attention – so you may find yourself asking: what does a NetSuite consultant do?

The Role of a NetSuite Consultant

Consultant is one of those wide-ranging job titles that can be used by multiple people in very different roles. However, it can broadly be broken into three categories:

Functional consultants concern themselves largely with the design of an implementation or the results of a smoothly-running NetSuite system. They provide ‘bigger picture’ work, perhaps filling an analyst role or acting as a project manager or planning coordinator.

Technical consultants fit into the opposite niche. They tend to have worked as developers or programmers in the past, and they’ll have built up experience with all manner of technical challenges that may accompany a NetSuite implementation.

Lastly, hybrid consultants have enough skills in both areas to be able to do some of each. They may not have as much specialised expertise, but they should be able to handle most challenges.

Which consultant type or types you need will depend on your business’ circumstances, budget, and project timescales. As such, it’s impossible to predict what would be needed until we’ve had a discussion with you. However, our NetSuite team have worked with countless clients and seen how each of them approached their integrations.

All that experience and advice is at your disposal – just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

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