What Is Infor Used For?

At first glance, it can be hard to wrap your head around any ERP system. With Infor, they keep things simple.

Infor is used for business innovation. Driving forward ERP solutions, Infor is built to connect an entire company ecosystem. Infor is used mainly by industry professionals in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer Industries, Distribution, Hospitality, Service Industries, and Energy & Natural Resources sectors.

Features of Infor

There are so many great features to this ERP! Infor is a unique kind of system; it is the only cloud-based software where multiple people can share, access, and use the same information. With Infor, finding what you need is an uncomplicated process as everything is readily available.

Infor’s excellent features allow businesses to build their own industry-specific applications so that it is easier to design and use applications that best suit you. Having a greater ability to customise your system, means that you have a greater say on how it works for your business. This means that you can trial out which features are best for you.

Infor M3

Infor M3, a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, stands at the forefront of modern business management software. Tailored for medium to large enterprises, it offers comprehensive tools for managing diverse industries, including manufacturing, distribution, and fashion.

Infor M3 empowers businesses with real-time insights, facilitating smarter decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. Its scalability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for companies looking to adapt and grow in a rapidly changing market. With features such as advanced analytics, multi-site management, and industry-specific modules, Infor M3 is the key to staying competitive and agile in today's business landscape.

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Infor Benefits

Infor hugely benefits businesses. From its initial implementation, Infor has been massively effective in making your business more efficient – leading to greater success in project and/or organisational coordination.

Another great benefit is that Infor can be used anywhere. Given today’s current climate, being able to access applications remotely, and on the go, is key. Having flexible options for deployment, Infor ensures that you can access the system from wherever you wish to work.

Infor Market

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