What Does A NetSuite Analyst Do?

NetSuite implementation has the power to transform your business, providing the data necessary to improve financial controls, streamline workflows, and scale infrastructure. To make best use of that data and to ensure that the system is being used to its fullest capacity, proper analysis is vital. But what does a NetSuite analyst actually do?

Why Hire a NetSuite Analyst?

Investment in an ERP system is a necessary step for businesses growing beyond a certain point, but any ERP is also a significant budgetary item when first implemented. It can be tempting to look to cut costs for implementation and operation by relying on staff with little to no pre-existing experience or training with the system.

However, we can’t recommend this as a strategy. If the system is incorrectly configured, is not aligned properly with existing workflows, or if the people using it can’t access the specific data they need due to issues with data validation or incorrectly generated reports and dashboards, the solution will not actually benefit the business.

Expertise is essential, and while existing employees can be trained in the skills needed, it’s usually best to carry out this training during or after implementation while specialists do the work needed to benefit from your NetSuite system.

It’s often simply easier to bring in a NetSuite analyst from outside, whether as a short-term position including training duties for internal staff or as part of a long-term strategy.

You will want an analyst who understands not just NetSuite but also the industry you work in, in order to get the clearest and most useful analysis as soon as possible.

Finding the right candidate in a small market can be a challenge, but we know our market extensively. Over a single discussion with a new client we can identify the key points on the job spec (and perhaps a few that aren’t) which we can use to match against our database of pre-qualified candidates and through our own networks. We can then present you with a shortlist of appropriate candidates for review and interview.

We firmly believe that it needs to be the right candidate in the right role for the right price – that’s the only way everyone ends up satisfied.

If that sounds like a plan you can get behind, contact us now.

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