Partnering With Epicor Recruitment Agencies

So, you’ve started working with Epicor and you’ve built up a familiarity with the systems. You know enough that you could start a new job focused on Epicor – and you’ve decided it’s time to do just that. The next step in a successful career is to understand Epicor recruitment.

Working with Epicor Recruitment Agencies

Epicor recruitment agencies specialise very closely. There’s a good reason to do this; it takes real focus on a market to properly know it. That’s why the majority of companies with open Epicor roles to fill will work directly with specialist agencies.

You will find, from time to time, that a job has been listed on one of the major job boards. However, the volume of unqualified applications drowns out any few CVs that might be useful. It can genuinely get to the point where qualified candidates aren’t even noticed!

So instead HR departments and decision makers turn to specialist agencies to fill their Epicor requirements, from Epicor ERP managers and system managers on down.

By speaking directly to the client, our consultants are able to build up a detailed picture of a role’s requirements. We’ll often know much more than is listed in the job role before we contact our first potential candidate – and we only reach out to candidates who are suitable.

We’ll then talk to those candidates and confirm, first, that they fit the role; second that they’re interested in the role, and then we check a few other things just in case. Only then will we put a candidate forward – because that way, our client’s time isn’t wasted reviewing candidates they can’t use and our candidates don’t feel like they’re being put forward for a job they wouldn’t want to accept.

On average, we make one placement for every two and a half CVs we put forward.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling with your own job, reach out to our Epicor recruitment consultants here.

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