Epicor Kinetic: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

What is Epicor 10 

Epicor 10 is an enterprise resource planning system, implemented to help improve business processes, enable flexibility, increase agility and drive growth within your business. An ERP allows a business (such as those in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service sectors) to highly customise their systems with ease to accommodate business processes, without touching the codebase.


What is Epicor Kinetic?

Epicor Kinetic is a cloud-based ERP upgrade of Epicor 10. Its new and improved features are designed to help businesses maximise the performance of their software.


Additional features of Epicor Kinetic:


Improved user experience

The homepage of Epicor Kinetic has been streamlined and is reported to be increasingly intuitive. Data and processes have improved clarity making it easier to identify and solve bottle necks, improving profitability.


Automation Studio

The Automation Studio enables organisations to integrate their other Epicor products and automate workflows across apps, data, and teams. Without having the Automation Studio, it makes accessing data harder for employees as they will need to search across many different apps, manually input data and constantly switch across different platforms to review performances. Not being able to collect the data you need to find improvements in your systems will allow competitors to get ahead.


Web-based interface

Having a web-based user interface allows you to connect remotely to Epicor. This means you can access the software wherever you are and whenever you like.


Why are companies choosing not to upgrade to Kinetic?

Epicor Kinetic has been around for just over a year at this point and our Epicor Recruitment Specialists are finding that several of our clients are still operating previous versions. This calls to question, is there a reluctancy to upgrade to Epicor Kinetic? and if so, why?


  • Cost

  • Advantages of Kinetic unclear

  • Capacity

  • Internal Capability

  • Change Management

  • News of negative roll out experiences


With any investment, it is about weighing up what value an upgrade can add and whether the upgrade is necessary for your business environment.


Impact of not Upgrading 

Not upgrading to the recent Kinetic version can mean that you may be in danger of Epicor 10 software not fitting your current business developments. This means your business can potentially be missing out on an opportunity to have a faster and more efficient ERP.

 Upgrading your Epicor ERP provides you with a solid system that enhances your current business model, allowing your business to remain competitive in the market. Due to growth in the business, not having the essential tools and features that Epicor Kinetic can provide may also limit your ability to track new organisational processes.


Need help upgrading your system? 

To achieve a high-performance system, employing experts who fully understand Epicor and all of its versions will give you the best chance of business efficiency. The success of your system can be propelled exponentially by hiring professionals you can rely on to further align your business processes with your ERP, support your teams through an upgrade or become a long-term SME for your ERP.  

Here at IT Works, I specialise in sourcing specialists in the Epicor market to support you to achieve the greatest ROI on your software. Our aim is to ensure that you have the support you need to create a well-structured implementation and/or upgrades.

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