What Should iTrent Candidates Expect at Different Points in Their Career?

When I’m talking to candidates in the early stages of my relationship with them – when we’re just getting to know each other – one thing that often comes up is how they ended up where they are now.

Some people come to iTrent as a conscious decision with a career plan and others find themselves as iTrent specialists through a series of accidents. I’ve noticed that the second group don’t always know what to expect as they progress, so I thought it might be worth laying it out.

Career Expectation and Progression

A little disclaimer first; this overview of salaries represents the market as it is right now, settled down post-pandemic and post-Great Reshuffle. In a few years, the specific values will be different, but the relationship between the salary bands will stay the same.

Second, this is a general view up and down the country. I’m not specifically taking into account the higher salaries you might expect in the biggest cities.

One of the big benefits of iTrent experience is that HRIS systems are used everywhere and in every field, from big inner city banks to rural universities. A broad structure seems more important here, but you can assume that the London pay bump, etc., play their part here as they do in other industries.

Once you know iTrent well enough that you can land a role as an iTrent systems admin, you’re already exceeding the average UK salary – you can expect to be paid between £30,000 and £40,000, and across 2021, the average UK salary wasjust over£31,000(although, again, in some areas it would be higher).

Systems analysts do a little better still, with their salaries falling between £35,000 and £45,000.

Above them both, as you’d expect, is management; an iTrent Systems Manager will be earning a minimum of £45,000, with a ceiling somewhere between £55,000 and £60,000.

Just as importantly, a career working with iTrent systems is a career with a lot of security. HRIS systems are essential for any organisation that rises above a certain size – they aren’t going out of style, and iTrent remains a market leader.

If, at the end of this blog, you find yourself thinking you’re ready to move up to the next stage in your career, drop me a line – I always have plenty of opportunities being worked on!