Our Guide To: Securing A New Job In The Epicor Market

​Looking for any new workplace opportunity can be daunting. The hours of searching, the endless applications, even interview rejections can all feature in your struggle to secure your next career move. Pitching yourself, your expertise, and what you can offer the company is crucial step to successfully standing out as a candidate.

Our Guide To: Securing A New Job In The Epicor Market 

1. Be Proactive

Waiting around for an Epicor opportunity? My advice is to be proactive! Waiting for the right time to move can sometimes mean you miss out on the very opportunity you’ve been thinking about. Particularly in such a fast-moving market like Epicor, being either hesitant or passive about applying the roles you are interested in means that your name isn’t out there. Like they say, “you’ve got to be in it, to win it”.

2. Don’t undersell yourself

Selling…now this may not be how you would typically think of as a skill you have. Think you don’t use it in your role? What if I asked you about an Epicor task you frequently undertake? You would be able to explain to me in simple terms the steps you’re going to take, why it’s important to get things right, and also what the outcome will be once your task has been completed.

Presenting your skillset, experience, attitude, and personality is so important when looking a secure a new Epicor role. Potential employers are looking to invest in your talent offerings to know what you can bring to the team within their organisation. How to best do this? Be confident in selling yourself!

3. Find your people

 Knowing the right people is essential. Finding people within your industry and building your network means that you’ll be the first one to know about the latest industry goings-on. Specialist recruiters that work within your market niche are key people to know.  

Stuck with where to start? With an established niche in the Epicor market, IT Works Recruitment are best positioned to connect you to the latest Epicor opportunities available.