A Successful Project Needs How Many Team Members?

How many team members should be focused on a major tech project for your company?

In my time as a recruitment consultant I’ve been asked some version of this question fairly regularly. Sometimes it’s just: how many team members do we need for this specific project?

Deciding How Many Team Members to Hire

Sometimes I speak to people who think there’s a specific number you can apply to every project. And sometimes you get someone who has the most developed version of this question; I want this project to be done by this date, with these results. How many people will I need for that, and what specialisations must they have?

Especially for SMEs one consultant with a wide and deep skill base can be enough to complete your project. However, there’s a limit to how quickly one man can do this. Tasks that require their full attention have to be done separately from others.

Having two consultants won’t quite halve the time taken, and the proportions get further away as you add another. However, a team of three or even four can potentially solve problems one man couldn’t at all, let alone in time for deadlines.

How many team members you’d need, for example, to implement a new HRIS is going to vary according to a few factors:

  • When does it need to be done by?

  • Which system are you using?

  • How big is your organisation? (Number of employees AND number of locations)

  • What level of technical know-how does your current team have?

  • What’s your budget?

Getting an answer that satisfied all of these factors can be a challenge, and it’s best to prepare for that as early as possible. For that, you need accurate, clear information from someone who understands how these implementations go.

If you have someone on your team with that experience, obviously they can help. If not – or to get started sourcing the rest of your project team – drop me a line and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirement.