What Is Workday HCM?

With an all-in-one package, Workday HCM delivers HCM plus ERP solutions for businesses across multiple sectors. Needing to get your head around which one is best for your organisation? Here’s a simple run-down…​

Workday HCM or Workday ERP?

Human capital management (HCM) is essentially an organisational tool for managing the people within the organisation. It is made up of practices to optimise the human resource in a workforce including: management, development, and recruitment.

There are plenty of HCM options available on the market, but Workday HCM is one of the leaders out there today. Workday HCM differs to Workday ERP in that it revolves around the people in the organisation whereas ERP revolves around data.

Bringing people to the middle of the organisation is a key aspect of the Workday HCM premise and one of the current main components (and selling points) is their mobile user ability. Users of Workday HCM can access the software via their mobile phone, tablet or computer meaning they can find necessary information whenever they need (and at no extra cost to the organisation).

Workday HCM Features

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) allows a business to manage their workforce more effectively. Areas of this include absence management software and compensation management. HRM provides better functionality and information transfer between managers and employees.

Recruiting System

The Workday HCM recruiting system puts the whole recruiting lifecycle into one system, allowing hiring managers to easily find and hire the best candidates for advertised roles.

It also allows for open collaboration during the process as the hiring information is readily available to each member of the team. Furthermore, by using the HCM system, it is possible to create recruiting strategies to help find future talent when the time comes to employ new hires.

Talent Management

The talent management tool is a feature that allows organisations to monitor employee progress so their efforts can be effectively rewarded. The talent management tool also helps the onboarding process for new starters. Assessing employee performance, this specific tool directs employers to areas where efforts can be improved. The performance management function works for existing employees as well, helping managers to analyse developmental areas for employees. ​

These features are just some of the reasons why Workday HCM is used across such a diverse range of different industries all over the world. Do you currently use a Workday System? Struggling to find the right Workday professional?

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