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IT Works provides specialist, professional and cost-effective recruitment services and expertise to users of IFS ERP systems throughout the UK, Germany, and across Europe. 


IFS Applications enterprise resource planning solution helps businesses to integrate processes and data across multiple departments and locations. So, whether you are embarking on a new implementation, a system upgrade, or need some ongoing support to get the most out of your IFS system, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

Key Specialists

Our four specialists in operating within the IFS market are Dean, Owen, Chris and Emily. Owen and Dean specialise in the contract market, finding the right resources for clients across the UK. The key to their success is the ability to create and maintain strong relationships with clients and candidates across this dynamic market.

As our permanent IFS experts, Emily and Chris enjoy working in this niche and premium market. They work on permanent roles within the North of England and Scotland. One of the things to love about the market is that everybody knows everybody. Even on the first conversation with a client or candidate, Chris and Emily often find that they share mutual connections, which helps him build solid working relationships from day one.

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IFS Stats

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years of experience recruiting specialists within the IFS market
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% of our contractors in IFS roles are re-placed or have their contracts extended
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plus established company relationships within the IFS Arena.
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Case Study

Dean Gibson

IFS Specialist

Case Studies

Halfway through a new implementation, it had become apparent to the customer that they were relying on the implementation partner to not only implement IFS, but to also transfer knowledge to the internal staff members of the business.

With plans in place for the first go-live, along with foreplanning multiple phases and business improvements, they reached out to me with what they thought would be a big problem. Being in the IFS Marketspace, I was aware of the company but I made it my priority to further research the business and understand how the application would work for them. Following this, I had a call with the hiring manager to discuss exactly what they were looking for in their next hire. I need to understand the client’s key objective for this role and in this case, they were looking for immediate impact.

With IFS being fairly linear at times, it was a conversation in which I had to educate the client on what to expect. Of course, the best-case scenario is they can find someone who understands every module and can work on both the technical and functional side of the application, but they rarely exist in the IFS world...

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